Joe Brown Census

Index to the Pickens County, Georgia 1864 Militia Enrollment Lists

This information was transcribed and provided to the Website Administrator by Linda Geiger, Certified Genealogical Record Specialist … a big thanks to her for this effort!

The 1864 Militia Enrollment Lists [commonly called the “Joe Brown Census”] is a collection of lists of all Georgia men eligible for military service in Georgia but who were not serving in the Confederate or Georgia state forces at the time. The enrollment lists are arranged by county and generally contain the following information: Name; age; place of birth; occupation; if exempt, reason; weapons owned; horses owned; and number of bridles and saddles owned.

This index contains a list of men in Pickens County and their: residence (Militia District); age; birth place; occupation; and reason for exemption, if any. Users of the index are encouraged to go to the original source of the record (on microfilm) to determine more information about these men.

The source of the information herein is the microfilm: Georgia Adjutant General’s Office, Militia Enrollment Lists; Georgia Department of Archives and History microcopy RHS 3703-04. The microfilm is available at the Georgia Archives for all Georgia counties for which the 1864 Enrollment Lists have survived. The reel containing the Pickens County list is also available at the Pickens County Library.

Adair, Grafton109843 yrs 1 moBlacksmithS.C.Exempt – Blacksmith
Allen, Robert G.103647 yrsFarmerS.C. 
Ally, Benson110150 yrsFarmerS.C. 
Anderson, R.K.103635 yrsFarmerGa. 
Arthur, Felis089928 yrsFarmerGa.Militia Officer Lieut.
Arthur, William089926 yrsFarmerS.C.Constable
Atherton, Erwin079416 yrs 2 moMillerN.J.Asst. Miller-Wool Carder
Atherton, Thomas079437 yrs 3 moWood CarderEngMgr. Overseer Cotton Wool Factory
Atherton, W.C.079443 yrs 7 moMillerEngExempt – Merchant Miller
Bailey, James103646 yrsFarmerS.C. 
Bearden, L.102650 yrs 8 moFarmerGa. 
Bearden, W.M.112726 yrs 3 moMillerGa.Exempt – Miller
Bell, John079447 yrs 7 moFarmerS.C. 
Bennette, A.J.079445 yrs 7 moWheelwrightS.C. 
Bennette, Elisha110137 yrsFarmerGa.Militia Officer, Capt.
Berry, John A.109841 yrs 3 moFarmerS.C. 
Berry, M.D.109846 yrsBlacksmithGa. 
Blackwell, William089943 yrs 2 moFarmerN.C.Justice of the Peace
Bohannon, S.H.110136 yrsShoemakerS.C.Exempt – Shoemaker
Bohannon, S.P.110126 yrsFarmerS.C.Discharge – disability
Bradley, J.H.118256 yrs 7 moFarmerS.C. 
Bradley, N.079445 yrs 1 moFarmerN.C. 
Bradley, T.J.079416 yrs 6 moFarmerGa. 
Bramlett, Memory118216 yrsFarmerGa. 
Brock, John109826 yrs 8 moFarmerGa. 
Brooks, A.109926 yrsFarmerGa.Militia Officer, Lieut.
Brooks, Hiram089947 yrs 10 moFarmerS.C. 
Brown, C.P.102647 yrs 10 moFarmerAla. 
Brown, J.102623 yrsFarmerGa.Discharged for Disability
Brown, J.K.079417 yrs 10 moFarmerGa. 
Brown, J.M.102650 yrs 2 moFarmer.S.C. 
Brown, Meredith079459 yrs 2 moFarmerGa. 
Brown, Peter102651 yrsFarmerGa. 
Brown, Samuel102616 yrs 5 moFarmerGa. 
Brown, Stephen102648 yrs 8 moFarmerSC 
Bruce, John110116 yrsFarmerGa. 
Bryant, P.110151 yrsFarmerGa. 
Bryant, S.H.079445 yrs 11 moMillerS.C. 
Bunch, G.W.110151 yrsFarmerS.C. 
Bunch, John110152 yrsFarmerS.C. 
Burleson, Isaac118250 yrs 4 moMillerN.C. 
Carver, James089945 yrs 3 moFarmerGa. 
Carver, Wiley103646 yrsFarmerN.C. 
Chambers, C.H.102616 yrs 11 moFarmerGa. 
Chambers, W.B.102641 yrs 11 moFarmerS.C.Justice of the Peace
Champion, Hezekiah109853 yearsMillerN.C. 
Chastain, William110158 yrsFarmerN.C. 
Childers, James110140 yrsFarmerS.C. 
Childers, Leonard110150 yrsBlacksmithS.C. 
Clark, Edward110150 yrsFarmerN.C. 
Clark, J.R.112737 yrsBlacksmithN.C.Exempt – Blacksmith
Cobb, J.W.110130 yrsFarmerGa.Discharged – Disability
Cobb, W.S.110133 yrs 9 moFarmerS.C.Discharged – Disability
Coffee, Elbert118237 yrs 6 moFarmerGa.Militia Officer
Coffee, M.W. (or W.V.)118229 yrs 6 moFarmerGa.Militia Officer
Collet, John089950 yrs 2 moFarmerGa. 
Collins, Davis079455 yrsFarmerN.C. 
Collins, Jacob079457 yrs 2 moFarmerN.C. 
Collins, Martin110136 yrsFarmerN.C.Justice Peace
Collins, Ransom079457 yrs 2 moFarmerN.C. 
Corbin, W.R.110152 yrsFarmerS.C. 
Cornelison, C.J.102629 yrsFarmerN.C.Exempt – Forgehand
Cowart, Andrew109936 yrsBlacksmithGa.Exempt – Blacksmith
Cowart, P.C.109846 yrs 2 moFarmerN.C. 
Cowart, William118248 yrs 8 moFarmerN.C. 
Crowe, A.112752 yrs 5 moFarmerN.C.Justice of the Peace
Crowe, M.112717 yrs 4 moFarmerGa. 
Cunningham, R.112716 yrs 5 moFarmerS.C. 
Darnell, Hiram109924 yrs 2 moFarmerGa.Militia Officer, Lieut.
Darnell, Jasper109916 yrs 6 moFarmerGa. 
Darnell, John (Jr.)109930 yrsFarmerGa.Exempt – Miller
Darnell, John (Sr.)109945 yrs 6 moFarmerGa.Justice of Peace
Darnell, Miles109926 yrs 1 moFarmerGa.Exempt – Blacksmith
Darnell, S.A.118238 yrs 6 moFarmerS.C.Justice of Peace
Darnell, Sion109917 yrs 7 moFarmerGa.Constable
Darnell, William109953 yrs 2 moFarmerS.C. 
Davis, (not given)110125 yrsBlacksmithS.C.Exempt – Blacksmith
Davis, Benjamin112755 yrsFarmerN.C. 
Davis, R.F.089946 yrs 7 moFarmerGa. 
Davis, William102646 yrsFarmerN.C.Constable
Dean, Thomas103645 yrs 11 moFarmerS.C. 
Deering, R.B.103649 yrs 1 moMillerGa. 
Deering, R.L.103616 yrs 11 moFarmerGa. 
Disharoon, B.Q.109932 yrs 3 moFarmerGa.Exempt – Tanner
Disharoon, E.C.089944 yrs 6 moFarmerGa.Exempt- Tanner
Disharoon, J.M.089917 yrs 6 moFarmerGa. 
Dobson, W.P.089942 yrs 6 moFarmerGa.Militia Officer
Dorsey, B.J.109816 yrs 6 moFarmerGa. 
Dorsey, J.H.109850 yearsBlacksmithN.C. 
Dover, Lawson079445 yrs 5 moFarmerS.C. 
Eaton, James079445 yrsFarmerGa.Justice of the Peace
Elrod, Alfred118228 yrsFarmerS.C.Discharged for Disability
Erwin, C.J.079417 yrs 11 moFarmerN.C. 
Erwin, W.A.079455 yrs 5 moFarmerN.C. 
Eubanks, John109954 yrs 6 moFarmerS.C.Exempt – Engraver
Evans, George079441 yrsFarmerS.C.Constable
Evans, John110137 yrsFarmerS.C. 
Evans, Robert089945 yrs 3 moFarmerN.C. 
Fann, John118230 yrsFarmerTenn. 
Faulkner, James089953 yrs 2 moFarmerIreland 
Faulkner, John089916 yrs 1 moFarmerGa. 
Fendley, Alixander110155 yrsFarmerS.C. 
Ferguson, P.M.109817 yrs 2 moFarmerS.C. 
Fields, Reubin109940 yrsShoemakerGa.Exempt – Shoemaker
Fitzsimmons, W.N.109942 yrsFarmerGa.Exempt – Engraver
Forrester, F.M.079430 yrs 10 moFarmerGa.Justice of the Peace
Forrester, H.M.102637 yrsCollierN.C.Exempt – Collier
Forrester, William079459 yrs 10 moFarmerN.C. 
Fuller, H.D.079455 yrsFarmerVa. 
Gibson, Harrison079453 yrs 1 moFarmerN.C. 
Gipson, W.A.103625 yrs 4 moFarmerGa.Exempt – Disability
Glascoe, Z.C.109841 yrs 6 moShoemakerVa.Exempt – Shoemaker
Glenn, A.J.103647 yrsFarmerS.C. 
Goble, Corbin079453 yrsMillerN.C. 
Goble, Henry079417 yrsFarmerGa. 
Goble, William079418 yrs 2 moMillerGa.Exempt – Miller
Godfrey, Thomas103636 yrs 8 moFarmerS.C.Exempt – Disability
Godfrey, William103646 yrs 11 moFarmerS.C. 
Goode, J.M.089945 yrs 4 moFarmerGa.Militia Officer Lieut.
Gordon, Thomas118241 yrsFarmerTenn.Exempt – Forgeman
Gordon, William118216 yrs 2 moFarmerTenn. 
Goss, Benjamin089946 yrs 2 moFarmerGa. 
Graham, Alfred118216 yrsFarmerGa. 
Graham, J.A.118245 yrsFarmerAla. 
Gravely, B.S.110147 yrsBlacksmithVa.. 
Gravely, F.A.110116 yrsFarmerVa. 
Gravitt, Thomas109956 yrsFarmerGa. 
Gravitt, William109925 yrs 3 moTannerGa.Exempt – Tanner
Griffith, R.J.102637 yrs 8 moShoemakerN.C.Exempt – Shoemaker
Hales, W.G.102656 yrs 8 moFarmerGa. 
Hall, Joseph E.103616 yrs 10 moFarmerGa. 
Hall, L.W.109840 yrsFarmerS.C.County Treasurer
Hamlet, James110138 yrsFarmerGa. 
Hammontree, Nelson118217 yrs 11 moFarmerGa. 
Harris, Alfred118216 yrsFarmerN.C. 
Harris, Hiram118237 yrsFarmerN.C.Exempt – Forgehand
Hazelwood, Warwick109859 yrs 6 moFarmerS.C. 
Heath, Griffin109852 yrs 2 moMechanicN.C. 
Heath, William089947 yrs 3 moFarmerGa. 
Hendrix, John109955 yrs 6 moFarmerGa. 
Herbick, W.M.109849 yrsStone MasonPenn. 
Herren, Levi112748 yrsFarmerN.C. 
Herring, Moses118259 yrs 8 moFarmerN.C. 
Higgins, James103648 yrs 10 moFarmerN.C. 
Hightower, A.110145 yrsFarmerS.C. 
Hightower, D.110141 yrsFarmerS.C.Mail Carrier from Casville to Ellijay
Hightower, N. (M?)110136 yrsFarmerS.C.Discharged – Disability
Hogan, William089950 yrs 4 moFarmerS.C. 
Holcomb, J.H.102647 yrsFarmerGa. 
Holcomb, P.103650 yrs 3 moFarmerGa. 
Holmes, C.W.079457 yrsFarmerGa. 
Holmes, J.M.F.079416 yrs 1 moFarmerGa. 
Holtzclaw, Lewis109945 yrs 3 moFarmerN.C. 
Honey, Henry110152 yrsBlacksmithS.C. 
Honey, William118218 yrs 2 moFarmerGa. 
Honey, Y.J.110116 yrs 7 moFarmerGa. 
Hood, Samuel109851 yrs 3 moFarmerS.C. 
Hopkins, H.112740 yrs 9 moFarmerS.C. 
Hopkins, R.R.112716 yrsFarmerGa. 
Howell, J.S.102636 yrs 3 moFarmerS.C.Discharged for Disability
Hubbard, Leonard103617 yrs 9 moFarmerGa. 
Hubbard, Robert103650 yrs 10 moShoemakerS.C. 
Hudlow, T.B.089937 yrs 6 moFarmerN.C.Constable, Blacksmith
Huff, Simon089940 yrs 2 moFarmerN.C. 
Hutchins, Eli079456 yrs 6 moFarmerS.C. 
Hutchison, Polk089917 yrs 6 moFarmerGa. 
Ivey, W.N.079417 yrs 11 moFarmerS.C. 
Jackson, E.110158 yrs 6 moFarmerN.C. 
Jackson, E.P.110133 yrsFarmerGa.Militia Officer, Major
Jackson, G.J.089946 yrs 6 moFarmerGa. 
Jackson, Reubin079446 yrs 3 moFarmerS.C. 
Jackson, Thomas089916 yrs 6 moFarmerGa. 
James, W.W.103626 yrs 5 moShoemakerGa.Exempt – Shoemaker
Johnson, Edward109850 yrsFarmerGa. 
Johnson, J.M.102653 yrsFarmerN.C. 
Johnson, J.W.102621 yrsFarmerGa.Discharged for Disability
Johnson, John J.102628 yrsFarmerGa.Discharged for Disability
Johnson, Josiah109817 yrs 6 moFarmerGa. 
Jones, Butler118255 yrsFarmerGa.Discharged for Disability
Jones, E.R.110116 yrsFarmerGa. 
Jones, Levi J.103617 yrs 1 moFarmerGa. 
Kaylor, Abel103650 yrsFarmerN.C. 
Kaylor, D.C.103655 yrs 4 moFarmerN.C. 
Kilby, Henry079445 yrs 11 moFarmerN.C. 
Kilby, J.H.079417 yrs 1 moFarmerGa. 
Killiam, L.A.110150 yrs 2 moFarmerN.C. 
Killiam, L.B.110117 yrs 3 moFarmerGa. 
King, John102630 yrs 4 moFarmerN.C.Exempt – Foreghand
Kinney, Eldridge079453 yrs 7 moFarmerGa. 
Kirby, Stephen109859 yrs 1 moFarmerS.C. 
Kuykendall, C.A.109934 yrs 6 moFarmerN.C.Militia Officer, Capt.
Larman, L.w.110140 yrsFarmerGa.Militia Officer, Lieut.
Lasinning, J.M.109833 yrs 9 moFarmerGa. 
Ledford, John103658 yrs 11 moFarmerN.C. 
Lewis, A.J.118231 yrsFarmerN.C. 
Lindsey, J.F.109827 yrs 4 moMailcarrierS.C.Exempt – Mail Carrier
Lovelady, A.J.089946 yrs 6 moFarmerGa. 
Magahee, James (or Joseph)118241 yrsFarmerN.C. 
Mann, W.H.112746 yrs 11 moFarmerS.C. 
Martin, Anderson110145 yrs 6 moFarmerS.C.Exempt – Deaf
Martin, B.H.110116 yrsFarmerGa. 
Marvel, J.S.102617 yrsFarmerS.C. 
Mathews, Isaac103652 yrsBlacksmithS.C. 
McArthur, D.L.103636 yrs 11 moFarmerS.C.Exempt – Disability
McArthur, E.M.103637 yrsFarmerS.C.Exempt – Disability
McArthur, L.N.103634 yrs 4 moMillerN.C.Exempt – Disability
McColllum, Allin (Jr.)110123 yrsFarmerGa. 
McCollum, Allin (Sr.)110147 yrsFarmerGa.Discharged – Disability
McCollum, Robert110135 yrsFarmerGa.Discharged – Disablity
McElroy, J.F.089933 yrsFarmerGa.Justice of the Peace
McFarland, R.C.110152 yrsFarmerN.C. 
McHann, W.B.102621 yrs 6 moFarmerN.C.Has substitute in C.S.
McHann, Wilkey102636 yrs 9 moBlacksmithN.C.Exempt – Blacksmith
Mealor, Franklin118241 yrsFarmerN.C. 
Medling, A.110153 yrsFarmerS.C. 
Mooney, A.J.103616 yrs 9 moFarmerGa. 
Morrison, A.103650 yrs 8 moFarmerN.C. 
Moss, Gabriel (Jr.)079434 yrs 3 moBlacksmithS.C.Exempt – Blacksmith
Moss, Gabriel (Sr.)079458 yrs 10 moWagon BuilderS.C. 
Moss, Green079432 yrsMillerS.C.Exempt – Miller
Moss, Henry102616 yrs 6 moFarmerS.C. 
Moss, Hiram102648 yrs 11 moFarmerS.C. 
Moss, Joshua110158 yrsFarmerN.C. 
Moss, Merriman079450 yrsFarmerS.C. 
Moss, W.H.079446 yrs 4 moFarmerS.C. 
Mullins, G.D.103634 yrsFarmerGa.Discharged for Disability
Murphy,W.J.110126 yrsFarmerGa.Has substititue in C.S.
Neal, Joseph110140 yrsFarmerS.C.Justice Peace
Nelson, J.D.112739 yrs 1 moBlacksmithS.C. 
Nelson, W.J.112748 yrs 9 moFarmerS.C. 
Nicholson, T.103647 yrsFarmerTenn. 
Norton, S.N.109833 yrs 9 moFarmerGa.Exempt – J. Peace
Norton, Thomas109859 yrsFarmerS.C. 
Norton, W.T.109816 yrs 5 moFarmerGa. 
Pack, George079459 yrs 6 moFarmerN.C. 
Pack, James109817 yrsFarmerGa. 
Padget, B.P.089941 yrsFarmerN.C. 
Padget, Cicero089917 yrs 8 moBlacksmithGa. 
Padget, D.W.089927 yrs 3 moBlacksmithGa.Exempt – Blacksmith
Padget, J.C.089936 yrs 4 moBlacksmithGa.Exempt – Blacksmith
Padget, W.E.089938 yrs 6 moFarmerGa.Exempt – Shoemaker
Padgett, John109817 yrs 8 moFarmerGa. 
Padgett, W.J.109836 yrsShoemakerGa.Exempt – Shoemaker
Page, Green B.089950 yrs 3 moFarmerS.C. 
Page, James089916 yrs 6 moFarmerGa. 
Palmer, S.C.110157 yrsFarmerS.C. 
Palmer, S.N.110126 yrsFarmerGa.Discharged – Disability
Parton, William118247 yrs 6 moFarmerGa.Discharged for Disability
Patterson, F.D.112751 yrs 7 moFarmerN.C. 
Patterson, Hix112747 yrs 1 moFarmerS.C. 
Patton, John J.079454 yrs 8 moFarmerN.C. 
Paxton, J.H.103645 yrs 9 moFarmerN.C. 
Paxton, M.A.103617 yrs 3 moFarmerN.C. 
Pearce, J.A.079417 yrs 10 moFarmerGa. 
Pearce, John079452 yrs 5 moFarmerGa. 
Pendley, James118237 yrsFarmerGa.Discharged for Disability
Pendley, Jesse110152 yrsMillerN.C. 
Pendley, Luther109946 yrs 4 moFarmerGa. 
Pharr, Moses S.079434 yrs 10 moMillerN.C. 
Poston, W.R.109959 yrs 11 moFarmerGa. 
Powell, Daniel079452 yrsFarmerN.C. 
Price, E.P.103622 yrs 11 moFarmerGa.Discharged – Wounded in Battle
Price, William103617 yrsFarmerGa. 
Rar (?), J.J.110117 yrsFarmerGa. 
Ray, William118254 yrsFarmerS.C. 
Rees, George109817 yrs 5 moFarmerGa. 
Rees, Josiah109850 yrs 5 moFarmerS.C. 
Rees, Quiller109847 yrsMillerS.C. 
Reid, Hiram103648 yrs 8 moFarmerS.C. 
Rice, Callaway110117 yrsFarmerGa. 
Rice, H.P.110152 yrs 6 moFarmerS.C. 
Rich, J.P.118247 yrs 3 moFarmerS.C. 
Richards, Stephen089940 yrs 6 moTannerGa.Exempt – Tanner
Ridings, J.C.089942 yrs, 6 moBlacksmithS.C. 
Roach, Hiram103651 yrs 8 moFarmerS.C. 
Roper, H.P.110158 yrsFarmerN.C. 
Rowe, A.C.102641 yrs 6 moMillwrightS.C.Exempt – Millwright
Rowland, John109930 yrs 3 moFarmerGa. 
Rutledge, M.B.110116 yrsFarmerGa. 
Sams, Louis089955 yrsFarmerN.C. 
Sharyer, James103638 yrs 2 moFarmerGa.Justice of Peace
Silver, Andrew J.079416 yrs 9 moFarmerTenn. 
Silver, David110146 yrsFarmerGa. 
Silver, Green B.079446 yrs 1 moFarmerTenn. 
Smith, E.C.110117 yrsFarmerGa. 
Smith, S.C.110127 yrsFarmerGa.Discharged – Disability
Smith, Z.T.110151 yrsFarmerGa. 
Snider, H.W.110140 yrsFarmerS.C.Discharged – Disability
Sosebee, E.R.109844 yrs 9 moBlacksmithGa.Exempt – Blacksmith
Sosebee, W.J.109823 yrs 9 moFarmerGa. 
Stanfield, J.M.110146 yrsFarmerN.C. 
Stegall, John089945 yrs 8 moMillerS.C. 
Stewart, Andy110116 yrsFarmerN.C. 
Stokes, J.M.103650 yrs 2 moFarmerVa. 
Stone, David089950 yrs 4 moFarmerGa. 
Stover, J.V.S.102628 yrsFarmerGa.Discharged for Disability
Stover, Jacob110152 yrsFarmerS.C. 
Stover, Joseph110151 yrsFarmerN.C. 
Strickland, M.118235 yrsFarmerS.C. 
Stripling, Benjamin110145 yrsFarmerS.C. 
Swan, W.b.079453 yrs 6 moMillerTenn.Exempt – Millwright
Swansom, Edward110150 yrsFarmerN.C. 
Swanson, Joshua118251 yrsFarmerN.C. 
Swofford, James109951 yrs 6 moFarmerGa. 
Tabadaux, J.B.118228 yrsFarmerFrance 
Talley, H.C.110137 yrsBlacksmithS.C. 
Tatum, John W.079446 yrs 2 moFarmerN.C. 
Tatum, Riley089950 yrs 1 moFarmerGa. 
Taylor, C.H.102636 yrs 8 moFarmerGa.Has substitute in C.S.
Taylor, John118244 yrs 10 moMillerS.C.Exempt – Miller
Taylor, Jonathan118251 yrs 6 moFarmerN.C. 
Taylor, Lewis118216 yrs 6 moFarmerGa. 
Temples, Larkin079452 yrs 6 moFarmerN.C. 
Thomas, A.H.103617 yrs 10 moFarmerGa. 
Thomas, W.C.103646 yrs 7 moFarmerGa. 
Townsend, E.112748 yrs 1 moFarmerGa. 
Townsend, S.H.112716 yrs 3 moFarmerGa. 
Try, W.N.: see Ivey0794    
Tumberland, T.M.118217 yrs 10 moFarmerN.c. 
Turner, John102638 yrs 6 moFarmerGa.Exempt – Foreghand
Turner, S.110152 yrsFarmerS.C. 
Vaughn, G.W.079446 yrsFarmerGa. 
Wadkins, Francis118221 yrs 4 moFarmerGa. 
Wadkins, James118216 yrs 7 moFarmerGa. 
Watson, E.P.103651 yrs 1 moFarmerN.C. 
Weaver, Samuel089946 yrs 6 moFarmerGa. 
West, Benjamin103657 yrs 9 moFarmerS.C. 
West, J.M.103616 yrs 11 moFarmerGa. 
West, J.R.109833 yrs 8 moFarmerS.C.Discharged for Disability
West, James079453 yrs 5 moFarmerN.C. 
White, William118247 yrsFarmerGa. 
Whitfield, W.G.112750 yrs 7 moFarmerN.C. 
Whitmore, LaFayette109916 yrs 8 moFarmerGa. 
Wiggington, A.R.118248 yrs 8 moFarmerS.C. 
Wiggington, J.L.118217 yrs 5 moFarmerGa. 
Wilklins, Hezekiah110146 yrsFarmerN.C. 
Willis, L.R.079451 yrs 10 moBlacksmithN.C. 
Willson, W.J.089950 yrs 2 moFarmerN.C. 
Woodall, John (Jr.)103616 yrs 9 moFarmerGa. 
Woodall, John (Sr.)103653 yrs 10 moFarmerS.C. 
Wooddall, John089952 yrs 4 moFarmerS.C. 
Worley, James089946 yrs 4 moFarmerN.C. 
Worley, Pleasant089938 YrsMillerN.C.Exempt – Miller
Yancey, Levi110150 yrsFarmerGa. 
Young, Drury110117 yrsFarmerGa. 
Young, Thad110130 yrsFarmerGa.