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The heritage of Pickens County and those who populated it through the years is rich with Cherokee Indian lore, the saga of the Georgia land lottery, and Civil War depredations … but perhaps the most compelling histories of this area revolve around the very large deposit of exceptionally pure marble found beneath the soil!

The first quarries were established in the 1830’s and are even now a major industry in the county. Pickens County marble has been used in the construction of many notable buildings, such as the Lincoln Memorial and the East Wing of the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC.

Pickens County is a fascinating part of North Georgia history, from the late 1700’s when it was home to Cherokee families until current times as the marble industry plays a significant part in lives of the local people.  It evolved from Cherokee Nation to Cherokee County, Georgia — and then Gilmer County, until the official creation of Pickens County on December 5, 1853.

The original historian of Pickens County, Luke E. Tate, stated in the preface of History of Pickens County (first published in 1935): “In Georgia there are older counties than Pickens, and there are counties that are larger, or wealthier, or more populous.  But I do not think there is any other county that is richer in the traditions of its common people or in the spiritual heritage of its pioneers.”

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surroundingCountiesIn genealogical research, we discover so frequently that our related families slip back and forth across county lines from generation to generation. Coupled with the fact that county boundaries shift, this makes research challenging!

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